Thursday, 10 September 2009

Chadders, Biff and Sumo go into the woods

Once upon a time, there were three boys who lived in nice houses and all had their own beds; and they never ate anything that gave them stomach upsets (or the McSquirties) and then one day a genie visited them and gave them three wishes.

Chadders said he would like to travel and see the world, Biff said he would like a smart Jaguar made by Ford and Sumo said he would like to spend more times with his chums and so the Genie booked them a place on the 'Banjul Challenge'. The moral of this story is be careful what you wish for!

For more details about the challenge see and check out 'The Banjul Challenge group. The boys are in group 8.

Now back to my modern day fairy story.... One day the three boys were deep in the enchanted wood and they came upon a little house. They crept inside and saw three little chairs, three little bowls and a big pot of porridge. As they were quite hungry they sat down and ate the lot. Baby bear came down and said 'Mummy,naughty daddy must have left the door open last night and these naughty boys have come in and eaten our porridge.'

Mummy bear said 'never mind the porridge' someone's nicked the f***ing Mondeo car keys. Chadders, Biff and Sumo felt very guilty, as they drove out the forest, as fast as they could go and promised they would do something nice to help someone.

One the way out, they stopped for a hitch hiker. She had a red cape on and a little red hood. They had been warned about girls who wear red hats, or maybe it was red shoes. None of them could remember after all they were just boys. They asked her what she was doing and she started to cry.

'Why are you crying' they shouted in unison. (This is going to be a very long story if I have to give them individual speaking parts). 'I am gong to the cyber cafe to print off a new sponsor form' she explained. 'I was going to do some sponsored porridge making for the three little bears,but the big bad wolf screwed up my form and used it to light the fire'

'That's terrible' they a cried in unison. 'Who were you raising the money for?'
'Reach' replied LRRH. By now her mascara was running and she had a very snotty nose. The boys wanted to be on their way, so they dropped off by the 'Ye Olde Union Inn' where LRRH's mum worked as a serving wench.

They all felt bad, because by now, they had nicked the three bears car and left a damsel in distress crying by a pub. So they all vowed to change their ways and use the genies challenge to raise money for REACH

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